A Step by Step Guide to Setup Roadrunner Email in Outlook

A Step by Step Guide to Setup Roadrunner Email in Outlook

Communication plays a very important for keeping humanity alive. This is the only means of sharing the knowledge and information. One of the most important media among the most crucial methods of communication is roadrunner email. The RR email login provided by TWC has now become a predictable form of communication.

  • Nowadays, people have become more angular towards the usage of outlook, especially in the industrial sector.
  • They choose outlook as an option for sending and receiving emails because it provides various benefits such as a suggestion for meeting timings; reminders for payment of bills; RSVP tracking and various others.

Advantages of using roadrunner email for configuration of outlook:

There are various advantages of using roadrunner email for configuration of outlook. Some of them are given below:

  • The outlook gives ease of customization to the customer that is using it.
  • No restriction of storage is there.
  • It also offers a quick response server support which is always there to help when you need it.
  • In roadrunner messaging facilities, there is also the availability of extra parental control.
  • An address book is also provided by this where you can store all your necessary associates. This address book is a secure place to store them.
  • There is a presence of comprehensive protection against spam emails.

To achieve all these advantages, an individual needs to setup the account first. To set up a roadrunner email in outlook, you need to follow a series of steps that are given below.

By following these steps, you will able to set up your account in no time:

  • The first step to set up your account for outlook is open the outlook and go to tool/file.
  • After going to the tool, click on the account settings and there you will find a tab named as email. Click on the email tab. And after clicking, select the option of new.
  • After clicking on the new option, you will get a dialog box named as a new email account and there you will find the box in which you have to choose manually configure server settings. After clicking on this box, click on the Next button.
  • After this, enter your username that you want to display as a sender and enter the full email address.
  • After entering the email address, select the POP3 for server appearing under the information.
  • After this, enter the information of the server in the incoming mail server box in which you have to type pop-server-roadrunner.com.
  • After this, you need to choose the server according to your email address and it recommended that use the server that matches to your email address.
  • Once you have chosen, you need to input the information for the outgoing mail server box in which you have to type SMTP-server-roadrunner.com.
  • After this, you need to again choose the server according to your email address and it recommended that you use the server that matches your email address.
  • After this, you will ask to fill your user name in which you have to fill your RR.com login address. After entering the username, you will be asked for the password. So enter your password and click on next.
  • After logging in, click on the test account settings to check whether your account is set up or not. For this you have to wait for the outlook to send a text message to your corresponding email address.
  • When the text message is sent from your account, it will be displayed in your inbox and your account will be started in outlook.
  • After this, for the completion of the process you need to click on the Next button and then click on the finish button.

By following these steps, you will be able to start your account in outlook. But there are numerous Roadrunner email problems that occur while logging in to the account in outlook so you need to setup your account with full precautions.

  • If in case you will forget your username or password then in order to recover it, you will have to follow the simple steps of recovering it that you can find it on our website.
  • And sometimes you need to reset your password and for which you need to follow a step which is very easy for roadrunner email password reset.
  • The steps of resetting the password are given in another blog on our website. You can visit us and find anything regarding the roadrunner email account.

If you are facing any issue regarding roadrunner email settings and others, then you can contact us as our experts are always there to help you at any time and on our website, all the blogs regarding all these are also available which will help you in solving your problem.

How Do I Set Up Roadrunner Settings

How Do I Set Up Roadrunner Settings

Roadrunner is a well known and reputed webmail service that is provided by Time Warner cable systems. These services are second to none and this is the reason why these services have gained so much fame and popularity among the users worldwide.

  • One can only access the roadrunner email services only if they are an existing user of the TWC.
  • Here is the complete information that will help you in the roadrunner email settings and let you enjoy the best services of the roadrunner email account.
  • The way Roadrunner webmail services have gained popularity since its launch is incredible and now the services are used by millions of people.

How to do the roadrunner email setup

The roadrunner email account setup is quite easy and quick. One can follow the given steps to create and set up the roadrunner email account:

  • Go to the official website of the roadrunner email login and enter the zip code and mobile number required.
  • Click on the option Ok to continue
  • A new page will be displayed on the screen asking for the verification of the personal information entered.
  • Enter the personal details in the next section and make your profile of the roadrunner email. make sure that you enter only the genuine information as this could be used later in the other steps while logging in or resetting the password of the rr email.
  • The next step is to set the security questions and answers to them. These questions will be asked to you in case if you forget the login password of the RR email.
  • Sign in to the roadrunner email account and then go to the tab My account, from there click on the internet tab and look for the email section.
  • Click on the option to create the email address and then follow the instructions that are displayed on your screen in order to create the new email account of the roadrunner email.

What are the roadrunner mail settings

For android :

  • Launch the email app on the android phone or device in which you wish to set up the roadrunner email.
  • In the space provided, enter your login credentials that are required for the RR email login
  • Next, click on the POP 3 and enter your password in the given field.
  • Click on the next option present on the screen
  • Enter the incoming server settings as follows:
  1. Username: here in this field enter the email address
  2. Password: In this field enter the email password
  3. Server: enter the server as per your location
  4. Port: enter the port no as 110
  5. Security type: Make it as None
  • Next step is to set the outgoing server settings for the roadrunner email account as follows:
  1. Server: Enter the server as per your location
  2. Port: Set the port to 587
  3. Security type: make it None.
  4. Require sign in: mark the checkbox to yes.
  5. Username: enter the user name on the basis of your location
  6. Password: enter your password that you use for the roadrunner email login.
  • Click on OK and you are done with the roadrunner email set up on the android phone or tablet

For iPhone:

Follow the steps given below in order to set the roadrunner email server settings for iPhone or Mac devices:

  • On your iPhone, or IPad go to the settings and select the option of mail, contact, and calendars.
  • Then further click on add account and other account and select the option to add the mail account
  • Enter the following information as:
  1. Provide your name
  2. Provide the email address
  3. Enter the password
  4. In the description option, put the name which is displayed in the account list of your iPhone
  • Click on next and make the server settings as:
  1. Incoming server: pop-server.ec.rr.com
  2. Password: Enter the password.
  3. Port: set the port number as 110 and set the secure server as off.
  4. Outgoing server: mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com
  5. Outgoing port: 587 and make sure that the secure server is either off or without SSL.
  • In the end, click on Ok and save option and this way you are done with the roadrunner email settings on iPhone

What are the roadrunner email server settings

Roadrunner email server settings can either be POP or SMTP settings, which users can choose for their email accounts. Here are the steps for the IMAP server settings for your roadrunner email account

For Android device:

  • Go to the application screen of your android device and then click on the mail icon
  • Select the option of the manual setup for the roadrunner email server settings
  • Select the IMAP options and then enter the following details:
  1. IMAP server: mail.twc.com
  2. Security: none
  3. Port: For IMAP 993
  4. Security port: 993 and the security type as SSL/TLS
  5. Insecure port: 143 and the security type: None
  • Next, set up the SMTP settings as:
  1. Make the SMTP server as the mail.twc.com and make the security type as none and make the port as the 587 and the security type as SSL or TLS. Set the outgoing SMTP roaming server as the 587 and the security type as none.
  • Next, click on the option done and your roadrunner email account is all set for use on your android device.

For iPhone

For the iPhone make the following configurations for your roadrunner email server settings:

  • Outgoing server: mail.twc.com
  • SSL: set it as on
  • Outgoing server port as 465
  • Outgoing roaming server port as 587 and the security type as SSL.
  • Outgoing SMTP port as 25 and the security type as None.
  • Provide the password for the authentication
  • And you are done with the SMTP settings of the roadrunner email account for your iPhone or Mac devices.

In case if you face any problems in the roadrunner email settings, then you may contact the customer support at the roadrunner. They will provide you the best assistance to solve your roadrunner email settings problems or any other kind of problems with your account.

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