Privacy Policy:

Roadrunner email service is a well-known webmail service that has gained popularity in a short span of time. We are the best technical support providers for the roadrunner email issues and we work independently as a third party. To us, the trust of customers matters the most. We guarantee that your information with us is safe and it will not be imparted to the outsiders without the permission of user.

Permission matters:

Trust is like a strand of thread which once broken cannot be joined in the similar way as it was before. Our security guarantees that the information is not shared with any individual without the consent of the user,

Improved gathered data and quality of service:

There is a standard approach for keeping the track of the log records. The documents log the guests when they visit our site. The data collected by the log documents include the Internet protocol address, program composes and the date and time stamp. Along with the data, there is conceivable number of snaps that are recorded in the log records.

The data which is gathered through the IPS is used for promoting the expository group with an objective that they can ponder the programs and make the site more benevolent by conducting the fusing changes.

Security of data:

The technology has given rise to various sorts of securities to the personal information that can be in any form like passwords, codes, patterns, and digits. Though there are interlopers who are constantly seeking to attack the personal information. We guarantee that we utilize the advances technology methods to protect your confidential information.

Live Web-Tracking

Cookies are utilized by our site in order to offer the best administration. You can also your programs settings to erase or piece the cookies.